I Am Where I Need To Be…

win_20161209_08_21_46_proThis morning before work, I am sitting at the kitchen table with snow around the house. Everywhere I look, I see an endless blanket of white and I can’t help but feel so incredibly peaceful. And I hate snow.

Lately, I have been giving a lot of thought to why I am here and to what I should be doing with my life. Sitting here with a cup of coffee in my hand, I can’t help but feel incredibly grateful for the opportunities given me. I have a chance to advance in my workplace, I have a chance to make people happy every single day I work. I have the most amazing wife a man could ask for, I have a child who’s face brightens up my day. Sure, there’s areas of my life that need to be stepped up on, but on the whole, I’d say I’m a pretty lucky guy. Continue reading “I Am Where I Need To Be…”

Fucking Up and Making It Right

screamingIf you live long enough, you’ll find that you’ve hurt someone important to you. You may have done it purposely, you may have done it in reaction to some perceived insult, you may have done it inadvertently. You may even be doing it right now as I write this. The important thing is to apologize, and try to make it right. If you can’t make it right, then at least apologize. An apology may mean something to them, it might not.

Often we don’t take the time to think when we do things. We don’t consider the effect they have on others. Once in a while you’ll find out that something you said or have done in anger will be the catalyst for things never being the same again. You’ll fuck up and you’ll never be able to forgive yourself. Sometimes they won’t forgive you, and you’ll never get a chance to make things right. You’ll die a little inside, and you’ll never be able to get that piece of your heart back.

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“Ladies First” Going Digital!

So, the success of “Ladies First” has been modest, and I thank everyone for purchasing their copies as well as the emails and comments I have received. I couldn’t be more gratified. Seriously, if I ended up selling 500K of these things, I couldn’t be any happier. I could have a bit more money, but meh, that’s what work is for.

However, the demand for a digital version of Ladies First has been made known to me, as well as a hunger for some new material.

Fair enough, I’m nothing if not an accommodating person. So, I am pleased to announce that the digital version of “Ladies First” will be available on Lulu.com on August 8th, preceding a release on Kindle and Nook.

This version will have additional material, as well as a few more pictures and other related pabulum. Not to mention that in the final print version there are some little things that have been pissing me off, so I’ll correct them in the digital version.

Once again, my very greatest thanks to all those who have supported me in this project, as well as believing in the purposes I have behind writing this book. To those who doubted that I would finish this project; fuck you, I wrote a book.

As a side note, I will also be releasing my first book, “A Step Left of the Devil’s Road” in digital format as well. A release date will follow after the release of the digital version of “Ladies First”.

I have also broke ground on the follow-up to “Ladies First” tentatively titled, “Ladies Firsterer: Further Adventures in Pleasure Engineering”. Stay tuned for further details as the year progresses.

Newsflash: Life is Not Hard =)

Life+is+not+so+hard+at+all.+actually+it+s+pretty_100f47_4612911I’d like to share a revelation I had from a few days ago. A few days ago I realized that I was completely happy with my life. I was working in a job I enjoyed, around people I love and admire, making decent money. I had a beautiful, understanding and amazing wife with a kid equally as amazing. I live in an age where I can create anything I like at almost the ease to which I can think it up. I possess the equivalent of two college degrees and can easily remember 99% of what I’ve learned. I have a budding writing career that, while not successful in the monetary sense, nonetheless gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

I am living my life. My life is NOT being lived for me.

Overall, life is not hard. I would say that the complications people bring into their lives make it hard. For example, I find that the more dramatic people I bring into my life, the harder it gets to sift through the bullshit to the raw data of life. So, to remedy this, you get rid of those people. Quick, simple, and everyone’s happy. Well, everyone except those who get dropped from your life for being a drain on your sanity and resources. But, they’re not really people, so much as entities that need to be stopped.

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4th of July Rant

I wish I could say that the 4th of July meant something to me other than a reason to get together with friends to drink myself into a stupor. But, this particular 4th I’m working, so no such luck. I suppose it should matter to me that a few hundred years ago, a bunch of people in pantaloons fought one of the first “necessary” wars that paved the way for me being able to be a complete dickhead and not get lynched for it.

But, I can’t say this. I mean, mentally I acknowledge the reason that we celebrate the 4th. I can’t think of anything wrong with it. But, given the direction our country is going lately, I can’t help but think that this day marks the celebration of an ultimately failed democratic experiment.

  • Net neutrality is threatened, which gives me one of my only outlets as a human being to express my views.
  • Religion (specifically, Christianity) is being inserted in to any laws those retards can manage.

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Sharon Stone Messed Up My Sex Life

shit is fuck up ans stuffHer: “What are you writing?”

Me: “Just writing about how Basic Instinct fucked me up regarding masturbation habits.”

Her: “Little did the filmmakers know that Sharon Stone’s character would be the archetype for just about fuck-all every single girlfriend you’ve ever had.”

Who wants an embarrassing  TMI story? Yeah, I thought so.

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Liberal? Not quite…

3FDpJLately, I’ve been getting PM’s via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube about my being a liberal. I’d like to clear the air about this, seeing as I really don’t identify with the terms “Liberal”, “Progressive” or


anything else like this. I don’t really feel the need to classify my political beliefs other than, “I believe in freedom to do what I want.”

What I believe in is succinctly defined by these three precepts;

  1. No one has the right to speak for me OR anyone else, which includes elected officials, or to deny me the right to speak for myself. I will say what I wish to whomever I wish, and will accept the consequences for what I say.
  2. No one has the right to say what I can and cannot do, including things that are harmful. I will do what I wish, whenever I wish, wherever I wish, provided I do not harm another person, and I accept the consequences for what I do.
  3. No one has the right to force their way of living, or do something that is harmful to me or anyone else. I will live the way I feel appropriate. If any facet of the way I live offends you, you are expected to kiss the fattest part of my ass.

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A Letter to My Daughter

6 monthsMy Dearest Mara,

When you were born, I didn’t really know much of what to do. All I did was smile and be happy with your mother, who was probably too exhausted to be happier. When we took you home, we didn’t really know too much more of what to do. We did what we thought we should, and so far it’s working out.

A couple of seconds ago, I was watching you eat a hotdog wrapped in a biscuit-type thingy and something amazing hit me.

You are more of an amazing person than I had hoped for, and you’re not even 3 yet. I look in your eyes, and I FEEL like you’re my daughter. You are so much more than your mother and I, and you haven’t even started to become anything near what you will be. Even when you’re causing hell and whining. Actually when you’re causing hell and whining, I know that you are your mother’s daughter, but that’s neither here nor there. 😛

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Upheaval and Forging Ahead

1394731981237World of Warcraft Account, You Want?

So, first a couple of things. First, I am debating on getting rid of my World of Warcraft account. So if anyone would like to purchase my WoW account for $40, let me know. I have one 65 paladin on Gnomeregan and a bunch of other low level toons, as well as being caught up with all expansion packs (Burning Crusade, Lich King, Cataclysm, Pandaria). Basically you’d be getting a hundredish value for $40. Sounds like a good deal to me.

To be perfectly honest, I just don’t have the heart, patience or time for it right now, and I doubt I’ll have any of those things in the foreseeable future. If you’re interested, hit me up at bane@savrasbane.com.

Many Changes, Yes… Many Changes

Well, first and foremost, the beautiful and awesome Crystal is back in Nunu’s life and my life again. I can’t tell you how happy we both are. It is almost like a weight has been lifted and we have a part of ourselves back that was previously lost. Good times. What was odd, is that when we started hanging again, it was as if exactly zero time had passed. I love feeling that way. Life is good.  I guess that’s how you really know it’s family, is when you have a disagreement, and then all in on e moment, everything is forgiven and business as usual. In a way, you seem closer because your relationship has jumped that hurdle.

Second, I am about to (hopefully) start a new job, my wife is starting a new job. Things are about to get very busy, especially when you add to the pot our imminent start of school in August. (Hence one of the reasons my WoW account is up for sale.) Right now, me, Nunu, Mara and Sissy have nowhere to go but up, and it feels pretty damn good.

There are, of course, a few kinks to work out of what is pretty much a good set of circumstances, but nothing’s perfect I guess. Now just too look for a new place to live. 🙂