Resentment Abound, But It’s All Good…


So, some of my writing, by my publisher was deemed as a bit too aggressive and critical of Donald Trump, as a result, I’m going to put the political and ethical shit here. I’ll write for GMP all of my poly/self-help stuff. I can’t fault them for it. They don’t want to become like the other sites and want to keep to their own agenda.

I can respect that. However, my point of view is a bit different. GMP’s very slogan is “The conversation no one else is having.” What conversation is more important than this?!?!?! There is a narcissistic in the highest political office this country has to offer, intent on rescinding years of social justice, progress and civil rights, and they want to run articles on whether not it’s ethical for men to stay at home to raise their children.

Both topics are viable, but the first is a bit more important and REQUIRES IMMEDIATE RESISTANCE.

That being said, I love Good Men Project and strongly recommend that you log on and become part of the conversation. I will continue to write for them, but I will limit my posts to Polyamory, Self-Help, Motivation and existential issues.

When I made fun of Donald in one of my pieces, I was told that “Donald Trump has a tendency to shut down media that makes fun of him.” That piece was edited, I gratefully accepted the correction and editing and allowed the piece to be published, slightly modified to dis-include the not-so-subtle slight against Donald Trump.

Having said that Mr. Trump…

Come and get me, you tiny handed cheeto…

I have it on good authority that I’m on some kind of watch list anyway, so fuck it, I might as well earn my bona fides. I have no intention of allowing the Trump presidency to simply go by the wayside, another blemish in the record of an otherwise model of universal freedom. This is not a blemish, this is a cancer. If Good Men Project will not allow me to air my views on this pathetic, miserable piece of tanned shit, then I’ll do what I do best.

Go rogue and pwn motherfuckers.

So, get ready for it. In the Trump Administration, no one is safe. From this, the Bane will rise, and I will defend you all. My weapon is the blog and my grenade is my voice.

Mr. Trump, I will not call you “President” because in my eyes, you didn’t earn that title. The people voted and were ignored. But, you’ll know my name. The biggest honor of my life will be when one of your staff members bring a copy of one of my missives to your attention. Because then, you’ll come face to face with the biggest problem you will ever encounter; someone as equally loud and angry as you with absolutely nothing to lose.

I will never harm you and I’ll even protect your right to be a bigoted, self-righteous lying, misogynistic piece of shit. There are no laws against being a fucking asshole, because if there were, I’d be arrested every day of my life.

But, the difference between you and I is that if you were dying on the side of the street, I would help you, feed you and make sure you were alright, regardless of my feeling towards you. But, if you think that your administration will screw years of progress and that the people will sit by and allow it, you’re just fucking delusional. I will fight you. I AM fighting you. So are millions of others.

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