Fuck It, I Ain’t Even Mad…

So this makes day 3 of trying to get MAC OS X on my MSI Wind u100 netbook, so that I can use XCode. I wish I could say I’m a patient person at this point. But, no. I’m not.

I literally want to take the nearest blunt object I can and reduce this substandard piece of silicone shit into rubble with my bald anger. I know what the problems are, but there really isn’t a god damned thing I can do about it due to technical limitations, as well as the fact that I can’t get a decent internet connection out here. I am literally writing this blog through a net connection that is tethered through my phone.

Seriously, this is literally FARM country out here. The closest architectural curiosity is a barn about 2 miles down the way that contains a bi-weekly sheep orgy. (This may or may not be true… I’ll leave it to you to decide…)

Fuck my life.

But, I’ll figure it out, because I am awesome.

I have a BIG beef with Apple. Their slogan is, “It Just Works.”

No, it really doesn’t. Their slogan should be, “It Just Works, If You Are Willing To Pay A Couple Thousand Bucks For Our Hardware, Otherwise You’re Fucked.”

Every time I meet someone who swears by Apple products, my hand involuntarily reaches for their throat. For the most part I can control this before my hand gets there, but once in a while the smugness makes it so that I can’t. Hurt feelings, bleeding and a visit to the ER/Police Station will usually ensue.

Fuck you, Apple. I can build a computer for 20% of your cost, make it run faster, better and do everything that your machines can do, with the exception of run XCode. Why can’t I run XCode? Because you are horrible, horrible people.

I’m going to listen to my mp3 player (which runs Android) and surf the net on my Linux computer and think about how much I would love to set fire to your corporate headquarters for making such shitty products that people just can’t stop using.

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