Get The Hell Up!!!

9042206This week I have seen a common theme among my friends and family. This notion of putting things off until later, the constant procrastination of one’s desire to either better themselves, or just do something that makes them happy. The motivation to take advantage of your life and mold it to your image seems to be lacking among my friends and family.

  • The want to lose weight or become healthier.
  • The want to start or finish a project.
  • The need to make better decisions.
  • The want for greater and better things.
  • The time to enjoy the things you already have.

You have the ability to do all of these things! All that remains is for you to START THEM. To get off your ass, to let no excuse stop you, to get the fuck up and destroy everything in the path between you and your goals.

There is no tomorrow.

There is no yesterday.

There is only NOW. NOW is when you make your life better, not tomorrow!


If you want to lose weight, go outside and take a walk, restructure your dietary habits and live healthier.

If you want more time to devote to the things that matter to you, cut down on the unneeded things in your life to make room.

If you want something, get the fuck up and go get it.

Set the goals, make the baby steps, and attack the absolute fuck out of them.

And don’t give yourself any fucking excuses. You have the same amount of time the rest of us have, you’re simply pissing it away doing shit that doesn’t matter. As I told someone amazing yesterday, “There is no destiny except that which force of will creates with circumstance.” I don’t know if I heard that somewhere or I made it up, who knows? But, who cares?

It’s fucking true. One more time.

“There is no destiny except

that which force of will

creates with circumstance.”


Become the juggernaut, mother fuckers!

Happy Hunting,

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