Heroes of Epic Legend – Playtesting

So I decided to write my own gaming system, being a little bitter and pissed off at Wizards of the Coast’s latest edition of Dungeons and Dragons. Let’s be real here, they dumbed the game down to attract a target demographic. Fine.

What about the hardcore gamers who aren’t that intimidated about complexity?

What about the gamers that insist that there be a rule for damn near everything?

And what about the gamers that miss good old Dungeons and Dragons 1st edition?

I first started writing the game for my own personal satisfaction, but then realized, I was writing for those people as well. The playtesting will begin sometime in late winter/early spring (in other words, as soon as I can finish the playtesting documentation and technical briefs)

I have the game proper, slated for a early July release on Lulu Publishing, just in time to grab a booth at Gen-Con Indy this summer. At least, those are my plans.

There will be also, a scaled down version for newer players, after the release of the core game. The technical details I will disclose in future posts, so stay tuned if old fashioned PnP gets you going.



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